When are the massage chairs delivered?
Chi Link Massage Chair’s deliver’s our products on Thursday’s. We deliver
between 8am and 6pm. Delivery time on site depends on several factors but
can be as quick as just 15 minutes. All customers are called earlier in the week
to confirm delivery bookings and suitable times are discussed then (or at point
of sale).
I wish to try one of your chair’s, how do I go about arranging this to
Chi Link Massage Chair is currently operating 3 kiosks in the Southeast
Queensland area. We change locations occasionally, and these locations can be
found on our website or social media pages. They are currently located in
Browns Place Shopping Centre, Logan Hyperdome, and Kippa Ring Shopping
Centre. We also have our office in Geebung that is open for chair
demonstrations via appointment.
What are the dimensions of your products?
At Chilink we offer 2 ranges of chairs. The Prestige and the Elegance
models. These chairs operate identically and have the same feature sets and
mode sets. What sets them apart are their designs, each being built for
different body types. The Prestige is built bulkier and squarer like, suiting the
larger body types in both weight and height. Its dimensions are 81/148/118
following W/L/H and weighs 112kg’s. Adversely, The Elegance model is better
suited to the smaller body types, and has a more rounded, sleek appearance.
Its dimensions are 76/146/116 and weighs in at 81kg’s following the W/L/H

How do payments work with your company?
Chi Link offer’s our customer’s two ways of paying for our chairs. Cash or
finance. If your purchase is via cash, Deposits are taken at point of sale, unless
the customer wishes to pay in full. The remainder of the balance is due when
the invoice is served on day of delivery unless otherwise arranged. If finance,
your repayments will start after the delivery of your product. The finance
company will contact you in the following week to discuss the first withdrawal
and then proceed from there. On all sales, the delivery and installation fee
must be paid before or on the day of delivery via cash or an over the phone
I do not know how to operate the chair, please help!
When delivering your chair, we run you through the operation and use of
the remote and all its functions. Also delivered on the day is the user manual
for our products. You should find it within the small rectangular box left behind
in a bag that also holds a couple of spare fuses. Additionally, the modes and
options available to our customers can feel a little vast, so we highly
recommend that the customer experiment with what they do and do not like.
DO NOT FORGET, that no matter what combination you create during a
session, even if you dislike it, turning the chair off and then back on will restore
it to its default automated massage mode. So be free! Experiment and learn till
your body’s content.
I have tried contacting the office but wasn’t able to get a hold of
anyone!? What is going on!?
It is true, that sometimes when trying to call through to Chi Link, we are
unable to answer your call. We will be the first to admit that Covid and the
unique constraints it pushed onto the staff in our company has caused a few
headaches when it comes to always being able to answer our phone lines. In
the off chance you are unable to get through to one of our staff, we urge that
you leave us a message or send us an email. We pride ourselves in being able
to respond and address all incoming queries and calls with same day service, or
at the very most next day follow up. We are an awfully close knit and intimate
team here at Chilink, so when the going gets busy, it can be all hands-on deck
for all staff members. Just remember to leave a message or send us an email
on Info@chilinkmassagechair.com.au and you will relate to a staff member as
soon as possible.
Something has happened to my chair/product. What now?
Chi Link’s chairs come with a stock standard comprehensive 2 years
warranty, and our auxiliary products come with a stock standard 1 year of
warranty. If something goes wrong with your product, please contact us via
phone or email, and we will arrange for the product to be picked up and taken
back for one of our technicians to look at. If the product cannot be fixed or if
troubles continue to persist, a replacement product will be given free of cost.
How do I connect to the Bluetooth speakers in my chair?
Connecting your device to the Bluetooth speakers in your chair has never
been easier. All our chairs operate under the name REM8 in your Bluetooth
devices settings. There is no password, so simply connect your phone to REM8
through your Bluetooth settings and you should be ready to go!

How do I take care of my chair?
Very easily! Most basic leather cleaners and refreshers work superbly, but
if you don’t have any of that on hand, just a very light spray of a homemade
cleaner (equal parts water and vinegar) on a dampened (Not wet) folded paper
towel will help clean that chair, just be sure to go back over it with another
new, damp paper towel to remove any residual spray, to better keep your
chair’s leather in as pristine condition as possible.

Where is this Chair Made, Is it Australian?
Chilink Massage Chair are Design in Australia by our very own Engineers
and 100 % Australian family owned and operated from Brisbane, Queensland.
We understand Australians deserves the quality product and we take Pride in
our products. Our Massage Chair are manufactures in PRC under the strict
Australian guidelines and Delivers to our very own warehouse in Brisbane. Our
products are 100% Australian compliance under the regulation with full
comprehensive warranties.

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