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Greg Chappell Chooses Chilink for Ultimate Comfort!

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Perfection is in The Details

We here at Chi Link believe that true relaxation comes from a state of deep connection and harmony between mind, body and soul. To achieve this, we've designed our chairs in such a way that not even the little things escape unnoticed. With 10 preset modes and unrivalled customization, it's easy to achieve the perfect you.

Zero Gravity Massage

Whether you're looking to just lay back and relax, take a nap, or really feel those rollers working, Zero Gravity meets all expectations! The shape of our perfectly contoured seats and back harnesses allows the perfect body alignment, allowing Zero Gravity to sink you into the chair and help straighten you out. if you are looking for intense hard massage then Zero G, together with certain modes and roller intensities will give you that workout you've been waiting for!

Luxury Heating

Muscle cramps? Cold during winter? Deep tissue massage? With multiple heating components located all through our chairs, heated massages are at your fingertips. Control the temperature yourself to find what pleases you!

Dynamic Air Massage

Be it compression, squeezing or stretching, our full range of airbags are ready with touch of button. Elevate your understanding of luxury massages by indulging in our pre-programmed modes or be in control of different combinations by yourself. Apply pressure to the calves, waist, back, shoulders, neck and buttocks to achieve several techniques and desired remedial benefits!

Deluxe Cushioning

Total comfort with maximum relaxation is guaranteed with our zero compromise cushioning. With precise placements for cushioning, we're able to provide a luxurious recliner chair whilst not impeding the chairs entire massage suite! Enjoy the best of both simultaneously.


  • Reducing Mental
    & Physical Stress

    Improve mood, ease stress and relieve tension.

  • Full Body Massage

    Neck, Shoulders, Back, Lower back, Hips, Arms, Hands, Calves and Feet.

  • Zero Gravity

    Full reclining zero gravity weightless positioning.

  • All Massage Types

    Kneading, Shiatsu, Knocking, Deep tissue and Tapping massage techniques.

  • Bluetooth Speakers

    Sync your favourite music with  built in premium bluetooth speakers.

  • Deluxe Cushioning

    Leather cushioning around calves and feet area.

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Insane Relaxation

Unlimited World-Class Massages At Home From Only $29 Per Week*

  • Prestige Massage Chair

    Enhanced design for maximum comfort: Emphasising comfort and functionality packaged together in a new, sleek design, the Prestige model is for those on the taller side and/or those with larger...

  • Executive Massage Chair

    Compact and Lightweight: Designed for the modern home with colour palettes to fit a multitude of settings. For those with shorter height and/or smaller body frames. Easy to manoeuvre...

Together, We Provide Wellbeing

Chi Link has certified itself and teamed up with the NDIS to be able to provide consultations and our products to those looking to ease their health problems from the comfort of their homes. Quality of our chairs and their functionality has proved to be one of the best solutions and hence got certification from NDIS, we are aiming to reach all the individuals where our product can indeed make a change to their daily physical challenges.


  • Relax

  • Reset

  • Rejuvenate

Are you a tradie? Work in shifts, be they nightshift or otherwise? Heavy workload or long periods of sitting? Suffer from chronic pain or an illness and need some relief? Just need a good quality massage to destress from your mental job? Relax your body and mind, reset your mood, allow yourself to unwind and rejuvenate your body with a myriad of massaging techniques at your fingertips. All within the comfort of your home. Because at Chi Link, we understand that some days you just need to unwind in your own space.

We Are Changing
How The World Relaxes

Gone are the days of unhealthy vices or forking out ludicrous amounts for wellbeing. Chi Link is here to change how you relax and find wellbeing.


“I sleep better at night after this massage, It’s good for young and old all age.“


“I am 91 years old , and felt  this chair is very easy to USE for me, I now can walk without support of stick.“


“It has increased my husband and my flexibility so well, I can run around with my grand kids.“

SUE (Registered nurse)

“Investment in this pays itself as it rewards in health and well-being. It’s so relaxing, I can’t stay awake after 10 minutes on chair.“

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