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The art of becoming one with one's bodily and spiritual energies has forever been a mainstay in traditional recovery practices. To re-align the body and soul, to flush away negative energies and quieten any disharmony that lurks within. This has been the driving force behind Chilink since we first opened, and it will remain our course as we move forward, helping our customers find peace within themselves.

Chilink has been connecting our customers with their inner peace and well being for quite a while now, and we want to take the time to share the results and positive experiences some have shared with us, and what our chairs could potentially do for you!

We here at Chilink like to catch up with our customers a month after delivery to touch base with them and see how their health is faring. We believe strongly in the therapeutic properties of our chairs and by talking with you after delivery, we can assist in any operational questions you may have to make sure you receive the best outcome possible for your body.

We've found that hard labour workers and shift workers have taken to the new lifestyle the easiest, stating that they find the chairs help their body untense and relax naturally without any cramping. By relaxing the body naturally, Chilink chairs help to prepare the bodies natural rejuvenation and restoration properties before sleep occurs, meaning that regardless of whether you're a shift worker or a 9-5 worker, your body will always be ready to enter sleep after a session within the chairs. For those with more intensive jobs, or jobs that require a trying schedule, one cannot underestimate the relief and benefit from being well rested and raring to go at the start of each day.

As medicine continues to progress, we are unfortunately uncovering and identifying the widespread reach of people suffering from chronic pain. No matter the form it takes, debilitating or not, pain in a constant state of existence is not only a terrible thing to experience, but it can wear on the body and soul, weighing you down and draining you each day emotionally and physically. These negative energies coalesce and become constant, and without harmony in the body, there can be no peace. Several setting's and modes within our chairs programming are specifically designed to target key problem area's, to remove deep seated pain and begin to undo the negative pockets of energy within.

We've been touched by the glowing responses of a few of our Fibromyalgia suffering customer's, and it brings us joy when they tell us of the relief that they are able to achieve through repeated uses of their chairs. For them, it's not just the ability to gain relief, but the ability to be able to treat themselves, from home, without the need of relying on going out to others, to be able to gain control of their lives again. We've also had some great responses from our elderly clientele, especially those who suffer from Arthritis and sore joints. We've had a few conversations with people and are overjoyed at how surprised and genuinely happy they are to experience firsthand that they're able to move around and achieve what they thought impossible in their older age. Gary from Belmere has even started up a daily exercise routine solely due to the revitalising treatments he gets from his chair.

No matter your ailment, the art of linking ones body, mind and soul through their natural Chi is a spiritual process that guarantees some measure of rejuvenation and health. For thousands of years experts in the arts have passed down their knowledge, and even in today's modern society, our masseurs, natural therapists and acupuncturists use these methods to assist others in awakening their body's natural healing. This is what we aim to achieve through the technologies of our chairs, delivered to the comfort of your home.

To help assist people with realising this, Chilink have been running under a promotional sale since the start of June, and with how well it's been going, we're looking to extend to well within August. We highly encourage you come see us within our Kiosk at the Morayfield Shopping Center if you're able to, to get a feel for any of our range of 3 chairs. If not, we're just a phone call away.

Contact us today to start your journey to self enlightenment from the comfort of your own home!

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