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What is Qi or Ch’i?

Qi (Or Ch'i) is believed to be the essence of life itself. Founded and expanded upon by the ancient Chinese, this millennia old belief is focused upon the circulation of not just energy within the body, but of the mind and soul as well, interconnecting with the vast world around us. Through Qi balance with nature is established, and through a maintained cycle is it preserved and re-enforced. The restrained energies of the heavens, both wise and careful, mingle with the exuberant energies of the underworld, loud and carefree, to create the cycle of life as we know it.


How does Qi impact your life?

When applying this belief to the human body, one must look towards the natural energies of the body, the good and the bad, and the equilibrium that one must attain between the two to lead a long life of well being and inner peace. These energies flow in a circuit through the body in harmony. When blockages, deficiencies or imbalances prevent this circulation, the mind, body and spirit of the individual becomes skewed, and through rigorous methods of mental and physical practices can the individual heal.


How do you achieve long lasting and positive effects of Qi?

In modern times, it is believed that rigorous methods of mental and physical practices aid in the natural recovery of the human body. Whilst curing of sicknesses, diseases and other such medical conditions are beyond the reach of these practices, one can achieve long lasting, positive effects from them. One such method or practice, is the balancing of ones Qi through massage therapy or acupuncture. By loosening, massaging, and applying pressure to key points within the body, negative energy is removed and the body's natural energies can begin the rejuvenation process. With the departing of negative energies, so too does the mind become unclouded and clarity is returned to the individual. 


Where do we come in? 

ChiLink aims to re-unite their customers with their inner self, to help them re-connect both spiritually and physically to the person they truly are.

Our range of massage chairs harness the power and precision of latest technologies to deliver a luxurious massage alternative to help centre yourself and improve your well being, wrapped up in a comfortable, no holds barred package within the confines of your own home.

We have a dedicated team standing by to help assist you through the process of selecting what is best for not just you and your body, but also the lifestyle you wish to adopt moving forward. We care deeply for our customers, and as such, are always on hand to assist, even long after the chair has been delivered. 

With a wide range of therapeutic options at your disposal, one could leave the dreariness of their workday behind, and recline into their desired massage or treatment every day. Each chair can achieve something different, all that's needed is to find what suits your needs.

Is now the time to take the first step on recentering yourself with your inner Qi? Talk to one of the ChiLink staff today and set your sights on a better, more relaxed you.

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