What a little bit of luxury could do for the everyday working Aussie

Let’s say you’re an every day, hard working Aussie. Perhaps you’ve got yourself a govt job, or perhaps you work in the myriad of businesses, big or small, that keep the cogs of our country turning. Or maybe you’re a labourer, toil away in retail or the food industry or stand the front line of the much needed social services. Some of you may work a typical 9-5 job, some of you might do night shift, and some of the unluckier lads and lasses will get stuck with the ever changing roster. The thing is, our bodies are temperamental, a bit fussy and overly reliant on the rest needed to keep us going from day to day. Which, as we all know, can’t always be done. Sometimes we’re working around the clock, not getting the rest we need, or not getting enough. We develop aches and pains, small issues that we ignore, keeping our eyes on the bigger picture, working so we can live our lives. Over time, these things add up, and we get weary, we enjoy our Sunday sleep ins, hate having to get out of bed, that sort of thing.

Well that’s just the sort of thing that we’re wanting to talk about today.

Say you’ve just come home from work. It’s been a rough, tiring day. Maybe you’ve got kids, maybe you don’t You want to relax, and unwind. A therapeutic chair does a little more than just help you relax.

By reclining into one of our chairs, the first steps to unwinding a stressful day would be to remove stress and relax your muscles. Focal points of massage would include but not limited to the neck, shoulders, upper and lower back, hips, thighs and calf regions. Allowing your body to untense, unwind and relax can help relieve the stress your body has been carrying all day, whilst also working out localised pain caused by said stress. By easing your body back into a more relaxed state, you’re also bettering your blood flow to your extremities, making you feel more limber and loose. In such a state, it also primes your body for bed time, since your muscles are no longer strained, rest may come quicker, and allow for a much fuller feeling of being well rested the next morning. Massage chairs are the ultimate tool to unwinding from any sort of day, turning your body from work mode to home mode, enhancing the time you spend at home, and helping to prepare your body for the next day to come.

It's not just a physical change that you’ll experience either. By feeling more relaxed, you’ll naturally be able to focus with more clarity on the more mental types of stress that can come with day to day life. With better sleep, less muscle tension and stress to cause headaches and being in a naturally relaxed state, you’ll feel rejuvenated and mentally more alert. For more mental, heavy stress workers who work tirelessly using their mind, perhaps it’s the non physical benefits that will help most. Struggle to leave work at the office? Can’t rest because your mind is still active? Massage therapy can be the step you need to improve your home life, and bring a little more colour and freedom to what is supposed to be your free time. By having a chair readily available, you’re able to achieve this state whenever you want, instead of only in the days after your last visit to a parlour.

So what can a Massage Chair do for you? Well, that changes person to person, each will find their own uses and needs for it. But the benefits and the health and lifestyle impacts are there. All that’s needed is to see if a chair is the right fit for you.

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