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Needing a massage from the comfort of your own home now that the nights are getting colder and the joints waking up a bit more stiff? For this month only, our entire range is heavily discounted! Prestige! Elegance! Executive! Not to mention all of our accessories! There's a little something for everyone whilst stocks last.

It's June. Six months of the year have already come and gone, and that little break over the festive season has long lost it's revitalisation it had on your mind, body and soul. It's at this point of the year that you start to feel the fatigue set in again. The headaches of tax time coming up. The drag of the days as the cold kicks in and all that lack of sleep is catching up. Perhaps it's time for a holiday? 


Or perhaps instead, it's time to look at what you could be doing to make your every day better, rather than what you could do to destress after being wound up for so long. After all, why go to all the effort, stress and strain to plan something that's supposed to be relaxing and help you unwind. When, from the comfort of your own home, you could be preventing the daily grind, and instead put that holiday planning effort into something to enjoy and indulge in rather than just a getaway to unwind...

It's time to reconnect with yourself and do away with the grumbles, aches and pains that you've decided to live alongside for so long. 

Chi Link Massage Chair's annual End of Financial Year Sale is here to help bridge the disconnect between yourself and your inner wellbeing. Our products, designed in collaboration with both eastern and western masseuse experts, aim to deliver both direct and indirect techniques and therapies to relieve stresses, bodily tensions and soreness. Help cultivate your inner chi whilst reclined in our Zero G modes. Relieve aches and pains with compression and deep tissue massages. Help get the blood flowing early morning with a quick 15 minute refresher! Whether it be unwinding from a long day, or a daily way to combat your health in the comfort of your own home, Chi Link is here to help. 

Until June 30th, we're running a massive sale across our range, with as much as 50% off on our range of chairs, and many more deals to be had in our accessories! And with our kiosks now nestled in the heart of some of Queensland's busiest shopping center precincts, it's never been easier to get a free massage! That's right! A free massage on us. Head on down to our kiosks, or book a session with our office to be able to try before you buy, and get that satisfaction guarantee BEFORE you fork over any of your hard earned cash!

What's more, with every Prestige and Elegance sale, receive a free eye massager worth $300 and a $100 cash back gift voucher for absolutely FREE! FREE!! 

So don't let those tax time woes get you down! Don't wake up tomorrow with the same aches or pains, the same injuries that never seem to go away. It's time to take care of yourself, time to give a little love to your inner self. Reconnect. Be at peace. Re awaken your inner health and take the first steps in owning your own massage parlor in your very own home today. Give us a call or leave us a message and one of our team will be ready to assist you with any queries you may have. 

Until next time!

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